Our Church

The Presbyterian Church of Radford is a member of the Presbyterian Church USA. Like many denominations, the Presbyterian Church USA practices hospitality, generosity, social justice reform, and proclaims the gospel of Christ. The Seal of the Presbyterian Church USA is a multifaceted seal with many different components. To learn more about the Seal, visit the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) website. The Presbyterian Church of Radford provides a Safe Sanctuary to ensure that our Church offers a welcoming place that is safe for children, youth, and adults. We have a Safe Sanctuary Policy that has been implemented throughout our programs and activities to help minimize the risk of abuse and to protect adult leaders.

Mission Statement

The Presbyterian Church of Radford is like a tree with roots in God’s word and love and branches of worship, education, and service. Together we seek to grow in love for God and for one another by walking with each other through the good times and the bad. We share our common humanity with all of the joys and sorrows it brings. The mission of PCR is to exhibit our belief in God’s love for us by sharing and extending that love to all of our brothers and sisters. As a part of the body of believers we need to provide an environment that encourages spiritual development, growth, service, and fellowship. We are called to be the body of Christ, his hands, feet, eyes, and efforts in our community and beyond. As Christ taught us, we love and serve even the least of his children as if we were loving and serving Christ himself.