• Parking is available in the lot adjacent to our Fellowship Hall.  Parking also is available along Randolph St and Fourth St which are adjacent to the front of the church.  Handicapped parking is available at the front entrance of the church.  The church is completely handicapped accessible using the sidewalks on either side of the church.
What to expect when you arrive on Sunday morning
  • Our Sunday School sessions are held on Sunday mornings from 10 am to about 10:45 am.  Classes are available for children and for adults.
Our Worship Service
  • Our Worship Service on Sunday mornings lasts from 11 am to noon — about an hour.  Included in the service is a children’s sermon and a sermon for adults.  Typically, there is special music provided by our Pianist Joey Harrington and our Choir.  You can take a quick look at our bulletin to see how our services are structured.  You will see that there is active participation by the congregation through responsive readings and hymns.  Depending on the Sunday, there may be the sacraments of baptism or communion.
  • Listening devices are available for those who need assistance with hearing.  Check with the ushers for these devices.
  • There is a nursery available for infants and young children.  Please check with the ushers for directions to the nursery.
What to wear
  • You’ll see a wide range of attire — coats, ties, dresses, flannel shirts, jeans, etc.
Church soft edges