At the Presbyterian Church of Radford, being a good Steward means using our resources to help others. Our stewardship makes its way throughout our community by:

  • Helping the Presbytery do its mission work
  • Helping to build houses through Habitat for Humanity
  • Supporting before and after school programs such as the Bobcat Backpack Program
  • Assisting the Radford Clothing Bank
  • Supporting August Kids, a program sponsored through the Radford Clothing Bank
  • Providing food and clothes through the Daily Bread and Clothing Bank
  • Supporting clinics and programs such as the Women’s Resource Center
  • Providing for others in need through our Necessities Pantry
  • Offering programs for “Grandparents Raising Grandkids”

Our being a good Steward doesn’t stop in Radford. It makes its way to other parts of Virginia to support Children’s Homes, and it helps to improve the lives of people in other countries such as Haiti.