Necessities Pantry

The Necessities Pantry is an outreach mission developed and sponsored by the Presbyterian Church of Radford. The Pantry takes place in our Fellowship Hall once a month, and provides many different types of necessities (toiletries, hygiene products, household cleaning products, etc.) to members of our community.

The Necessities Pantry continues to serve the community of Radford each month with drive through service (since the pandemic began) by providing cleaning supplies and hygiene supplies for those in need in our city. We welcome monetary donations because we try to keep the items in each bag uniform. Each cleaning supply bag contains family sized laundry detergent; dish detergent; multi-purpose cleaner; disinfectant wipes and paper towels. Each hygiene bag contains soap; shampoo; tooth paste (all family sized); deodorant; and toilet paper. We also provide tooth brushes; Infant diapers and wipes; feminine hygiene products and adult disposable underwear.

We serve an average of 75 families per month. We have been fortunate as a church community to receive several large donations to keep this ministry financially solvent but as you can imagine this is an expensive ministry with average expenses per month being $1300 to provide the 150 or more total bags each month plus extra supplies as needed. The demand in November and December was extraordinary.  If you would prefer to donate items — diapers; feminine hygiene supplies or family size toothpastes/ individually packaged tooth brushes are good items to consider.

Thank you for your support of the Necessities Pantry ministry at the Presbyterian Church of Radford. We have been fortunate to be able to provide this mission as a service to our community and those who volunteer each month truly get joy from the service (even in the cold and rain)!