Our Session and Church Committees

The Session

The Session is comprised of Elders elected by the congregation. The Elders are to provide leadership, government, and spiritual discipline and have responsibilities for the life of our congregation and the whole church.

Class of 2021

Hugh Miller

Lin Young

David Darnell

Debbie Chase

Class of 2022

Judy Hood

Annyce Levy

B J Munsey

Coley Thomas

Class of 2023

Diane Bibb

Paige Herndon

Tom Mogen

Brenda Whisonant


Christian Education

The Christian Education Committee’s responsibility is overseeing the Church School (Sunday morning and Vacation Church School), seasonal and subject educational programs, the church library, age group programs and working with the Director of Christian Education.

Fellowship and Recreation

The Fellowship and Recreation Committee’s responsibility is overseeing Fellowship dinners, congregational fellowship opportunities, opportunities for recreation and congregational retreats.

Health Cabinet

The Health Cabinet is responsible for programs promoting wellness and the prevention of illness and the congregational care of the sick and invalid.

Membership and Outreach

The Membership and Outreach Committee’s responsibility is overseeing the nurture of all members, outreach to prospective members and member education.


The Mission Committee’s responsibility is overseeing the special offerings requested by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), community service projects, community, national, and global needs education and support including theological student support.


The Nominating Committee’s responsibility is overseeing the nomination process for election of elders to the Session, selecting committee members for the various church committees from the time and talent sheets, and being aware of those individuals who wish to serve on committees and do not fill out the time and talent sheets.


Coordinate nursery for Sunday School and worship and other special events. Supervise paid workers and recruit and schedule volunteers.


The Personnel Committee’s responsibility is overseeing the entire staff of the church, preparing staff evaluation forms for the congregation’s input, updating job descriptions, and preparing an employee handbook.


The Property Committee’s responsibility is overseeing the maintenance and care of the church and grounds, the church office building and ground, and the manse and grounds.


The Stewardship Committee’s responsibility is overseeing the yearly budget, congregational pledging of financial support of the church, congregational pledging of time and talent support of the church, stewardship education, and gifts and memorials.

University Ministry (UKIRK)

The University Ministry Committee’s responsibility is overseeing the Presbyterian ministry to Radford University, university student members of the Presbyterian Church of Radford, and working with the University Ministry Director.


The Worship Committee’s responsibility is overseeing the regular and special worship services, family and personal worship, music and choirs, and worship education.


The Youth Committee oversees the youth groups and special activities for Jr and Sr Highs.